Frozen Orange Fish

Frozen Orange Fish

Mã sản phẩm 90020 - Phương thức mua hàng,giao hàng

Giá Đặc Biệt

75,000 VNĐ

Tiết Kiệm

-75,000 VNĐ
Japanese orange fish is being loved by many people in Japan and many parts of the world 
because of its sweet aroma combined with the inherent fatty taste of fish meat.

High nutritional value Japanese orange fish contains many vitamins A, B vitamins and many other nutrients for the body.

Japanese orange fish is processed into many different dishes. 
It is transformed into delicious dishes by Vietnamese housewives such as braised, steamed, porridge, hot pot, etc. 
In particular, grilled orange fish with foil is the most popular.